Fredrik Seines

Fredrik is a classical guitarist born in Narvik, Norway. He graduated from the Malmö Academy of Music in the spring of 2019 with a master’s degree in music performance under Professor Göran Söllscher and Senior Lecturer Gunnar Spjuth. Before his master studies, Fredrik studied under associate professor of guitar Jarl Strømdal at the Norwegian university of Science and Technology Department of Music where he received a first on his final recital.

As a guitarist he has performed in large venues such as Tivolis Konscertsal in Copenhagen and in a variety of settings including solo concerts, chamber groups and as a soloist in the Malmö Academy chamber ensemble conducted by Håkan Hardenberg.

Fredrik has participated in masterclasses and music lessons with influential musicians from all over the world such as David Russel, Alex Garrobe, Anders Clemens Øien, Jørgen Skogmo, Otto Tolonen, Marco Tamayo, and Anders Chapelon.

Visit his website : www.fredrikseines.com